Laboratory Manager of the Year Award

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Nominee must be a regular member of NAOSMM for a minimum of five years.
Nominee shall have a lengthy record of achievement unquestionable and sustained, in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Distinguished operational, educational, or administrative activities.
  2. Contribution to the advancement of the profession.
  3. Active attendance in at least five NAOSMM conferences.

Nominator must assemble, with the help of a NAOSMM Awards Committee Member, a nomination packet of descriptive letters and other support material, which includes guided questions. This packet can be requested from the Awards Chair.

Support Material

The nomination packet must include:

  1. A brief written job description and activities list.
  2. A minimum of six letters that convey, clearly and completely, the qualifications of the nominee.
    Letters of support are required from each of the following:
    1. Immediate supervisor or administrator
    2. One NAOSMM member
    3. One Co-worker
    4. Nominator (if not one of the above)
    Letters of support may also be included from:
    1. Vendors or contacts outside your place of employment (i.e.: sales reps, professional contacts such as First Responders, OSHA, Permit contacts, inspection agencies, etc.)
    2. Additional Co-workers (i.e.: former supervisors, colleagues, Primary Investigators, End Users (students and researchers), business office, accounts payable, EHS staff, Physical Plant staff, provost, deans, directors, etc.)
    3. Additional NAOSMM members or members from another professional development organization.
    4. Students
    5. Others who can testify to the qualifications of the nominee, such as co-workers or colleagues from other employers with whom they have worked closely.
  3. Letters must address the questions on the attached Guided Questions Sheet, to the best of the author’s ability.


  1. The committee will evaluate the nominations based on the materials submitted by the deadline.  The evaluation will be made in a fair and equal manner, based on the merits of each nomination.
  2. Committee consists of Committee Chair, Board Vice President, Board Secretary and at least two additional NAOSMM members.

Additional Rules

  1. Nomination may not be applied for oneself.
  2. Nomination Applications must be "postmarked" by May 25 of each calendar year.
  3. Nominations are good for 2 years. At that time, if the Nominee has not received the award, a new nomination may be submitted.
  4. The award shall remain confidential until it is presented at the NAOSMM banquet held each year at the Annual Conference.

Guidance for supporting letter authors

Please include the following in your letters of support for the NAOSMM Manager of the Year, to the best of your ability:

  1. Name of Person Being Nominated.
  2. Job Title and Institution Name.
  3. Years of employment as a scientific materials manager (including prior employment).
  4. Name and contact information of person submitting letter of support.
  5. Date Submitted (nominations are good for two years).
  6. Description of your professional experience with the nominee (e.g. direct working relationship, fellow NAOSMM member, vendor rep., etc.).
  7. Details of the operational, educational or administrative activities that stand out in the nominee’s career.  We understand that all nominees are stellar in their job performance.  Tell us the unique accomplishments of your nominee over their peers around the country.
  8. Contributions of the member to the advancement of the profession (i.e. service to NAOSMM, CSHEMA, NACHO, ABSA, ACS or other professional organizations for scientific materials managers).
  9. Types of participation in NAOSMM, such as meetings, programs, committees, etc.
  10. Description of professional accomplishments.  What sets them apart from their peers across the country?
  11. Displays of professionalism at your facility (i.e.: committees, mentorship etc.).
  12. Displays of professionalism in your community (i.e.: outreach etc.).
  13. Description of other note-worthy activities in which the nominee is involved (include activities outside the profession).


Letters can be sent/emailed to the nominator to be assembled and forwarded to the NAOSMM Awards Chair.  Please include the words “NAOSMM MOY” in the subject line.  Deadline of postmark is May 25.

NAOSMM Awards Chair 2014
Karen Smith
University of California, Merced
5200 N Lake Rd.
Merced, CA 95343
(209) 228-7864