Who we are

Founded in 1974, NAOSMM has grown to include 500 members in the scientific industry. Members are from teaching, research, and industrial fields, and are involved in purchasing, receiving, warehousing, distribution, and inventory control of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glassware and plasticware, instrumentation, and environmental health and safety. Typical positions held by our members include laboratory managers, storeroom manager, teaching lab coordinators, purchasing and/or procurement personnel, and business managers.

What we do

Even though our members include representatives from universities, colleges, manufacturers, research laboratories, and pharmarceutical companies (to name a few!), we all have one thing in common: we have unique questions for which we seek workable answers. NAOSMM allows us to exhange ideas, information, contacts, and leads with others who understand our challenges and can offer solutions.

We accomplish this goal through several different avenues:

- Annual conference and trade show: Each summer NAOSMM hosts a conference and trade show with workshops that will help keep you abreast of current topics, trends and issues at the forefront of our industry. Recent workshop topics have included government regulations, handing of hazardous materials, proper waste disposal, inventory control, and laboratory renovations. Personal development programs are also offered. The associated trade show has approximately 70 vendors, and allows members to meet with vendor representatives and preview new products.

- The Newsline: this is NAOSMM's quartly publication, which keeps you informed about what is happening within our association and profession.

- A listserv, which allows members and non-members to communicate. This is a very active listserv, and often you will recieve almost immediate responses.

- A membership directory, which lists each member's contact information. This can act as a handy resource to help you reach out to a fellow member who may have already solved your "problem of the day".

- NAOSMM annually sponsors a national Conference and Trade Show which is held at a different location throughout the United States each summer. The conference features insightful seminars that will help keep you abreast of current topics, trends and issues at the forefront of our industry. The trade show is an ideal place to interact with the 60-75 vendors who are displaying the latest in scientific equipment and materials. Travel grants to the conference are available for new members.

How do I join?

Joining NAOSMM is simple. Just fill out the electronic form and submit it! You will be contacted to arrange payment of the $75.00 annual membership fee. Please note, in many organizations, your company may agree to pay for your membership, as it offers you access to vendor discounts from many of our corporate sponsors.