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NAOSMM Travel Grants and Manager of Year Award

Every year at the National Conference, NAOSMM recognizes members of our organization with several types of awards and grants. Through the kind assistance of our corporate partners, NAOSMM helps members supplement travel expenses with the NAOSMM Seminar and Trade Show Attendance Grant and the Nalge Nunc International Professional Training Fund. Beginning in 1983, NAOSMM has recognized members that have outstanding accomplishments. This award, Outstanding Scientific Materials Manager of the Year, is presented at each conference to a member, or occasionally more than one member, who has been nominated by her/his supervisor. Also, members who have displayed valuable service to our organization are also recognized. On the left, you may browse some of the past Managers of the Year and award recipients.

  Criteria for Travel Funds       Application for Travel Funding 

For members receiving a travel award grants, a new form is now available for reimbursement. Select the link below to download the form.

  Reimbursement Request Form