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  Safety Forum    


The NAOSMM Safety Committee maintains these safety pages to serve as a resource for NAOSMM members for environmental, health and safety concerns.  We actively seek and publish information on matters affecting the membership, and welcome NAOSMM member involvement.

The "Agencies" safety page provides agency page links for pertinant regulation updates from various agencies as well as links to the various agencies.  The "contact us" link on the agency page allows you to email the NAOSMM Agency Liaison for that particular agency.

The "Training" safety page provides information on training opportunities as well as helpful information on training that you provide for others.

The "Safety Forum" page provides a login screen. Once logged in, the NAOSMM Safety Forum will open in a new tab or window. There, you can set up a free account so that you can participate in the forum. This second login is not required to read-only. Note: The login function is currently not working and will be fixed as soon as possible.

The "Resources" page provides some wonderful resource links, as well as presentations from past conferences that pertain to safety.

The "Biosafety" page provides information and links, as well as presentations from past conferences that pertain to biosafety.


The materials, views and opinions expressed in these safety pages and forum are those solely of the NAOSMM membership. Everything that is presented is to provide assistance to the NAOSMM membership in the area of laboratory safety, and not to replace any information that is available from local, state & federal agencies.