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NAOSMM Safety - Resources

This page serves as a repository for some wonderful resource links, as well as presentations from past conferences that pertain to safety. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to suggest additional resources.


UCLA: UC Center for Laboratory Safety - The UC Center was created in part to assess and improve laboratory safety by developing best practices.This website should become an excellent resource for laboratory safety information and links.

The National Academies - Division on Earth & Life Studies - Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology has excellent information to share, including "Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Management of Chemical Hazards". The BCST website and subsequent links offer many free resources!

Yale University's wonderful Office of Environmental Health and Safety has a vast array of web resources that includes comprehensivetraining. Browse theirEHS website to find some truely impressive policies and other resources.

Brookhaven National Laboratories has a greatweb page on compressed gas safety with pictures and examples to illustrate proper and improper storage. There are other great references including a CGA valves and connections table and PTFE tape specifications. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee also has a usefulGas Cylinder Safety web page.

Reference & Resources
Materials & Chemical Compatibility - Cole-Parmer's Technical Library - Useful interactive site
Safety Signs - Sign Builder 2.0 - Build warning signs, including the NFPA diamond
Warning Sign Generator - Warning Sign Generator - Build warning signs that include warning symbols
Quick Tips Technical Resources - Grainger - Find information and articles about many safety-related topics (formerly Lab Safety Supply's EZ Facts® Safety Info Online)
Safetygrams - Air Products - Comprehensive information about cryogenic liquids, compressed gases, cylinders, equipment and more
The MSDS Hazard Communication Library - Seaton - Find MSDS resources and glossary of terms, types of hazardous chemicals and examples, Federal laws and more

NAOSMM GHS Presentation - presented by Michele R. Sullivan, Ph.D., MRS Associates

Getting Ready For Your EPA Audit - presented by Sheres Caines-Mckenzie, EH&S Officer, Spelman College

Chemical Storage & The Dean Martin Chemical Management System presented by James A. Kaufman, Ph.D., Laboratory Safety Institute