The Board of Directors of the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers (NAOSMM) adopts the following Policy in order to strengthen its existing policies and procedures, maintain and exemplify “best practices,” and comply with applicable law[1] and regulations.

  1. NAOSMM encourages any individual (board member, committee chair, regular or lifetime member, volunteer, or vendor) to bring forward instances of improper conduct, such as waste, fraud, financial impropriety or financial abuse.
  2. Individuals can make a confidential report of suspected waste, fraud, or financial abuse by sending an email to:
    1. The Board President at “president@naosmm.org” or
    2. The Audit Committee at “auditors@naosmm.org”.
  3. Any individual who reports waste, fraud, financial impropriety or financial abuse will not be retaliated against for making the report.  This includes, but is not limited to, protection from retaliation in the form of intimidation, harassment, discrimination or other adverse action for reporting information in accordance with this Policy.  Even if the matter is determined not to constitute improper conduct, the individual making the report will not be retaliated against.
  4. The report shall be taken seriously and investigated.  The Board or the Audit Committee will appoint individuals to conduct an independent investigation, ensuring those individuals come to an objective conclusion without interference.  The person or persons charged with alleged impropriety shall be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations in person or in writing.
  5. Following the investigation, NAOSMM will:
    1. Provide the person filing the report and the organization with a summary of the findings;
    2. Take appropriate steps to deal with the issue addressed, including making operational or personnel changes, or justify why corrections are not necessary;
    3. If warranted, contact law enforcement to deal with any suspected criminal activities.
  6. NAOSMM will maintain confidential records of all actions taken under this Policy.
  7. The Board and Audit Committee have responsibility for oversight of compliance with this Policy.

[1] Nonprofit organizations are required by federal law to adopt a whistleblower protection policy (Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002, “Sarbanes-Oxley”.)  This is one of two requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley that apply to nonprofits, which are otherwise not subject to that federal legislation.