The Great Plains, the Heartland, the Bible Belt, the South….where the heck is OKC??? Well, it’s fairly close to the geographic center of the 48 United States (the actual spot being due north near Lebanon, Kansas).

From its founding during the Oklahoma Land Run on April 22, 1889, it has been home to many an outlaw, farmer, cowboy, Native American, and oilers moving in from all over. Much of its history survives today in the diverse districts and architecture of OKC, such as the Paseo Arts District, the Deep Deuce district, or Stockyards City.

South of downtown flows the Oklahoma River (a stretch of the Canadian River, the longest tributary of the Arkansas River), along which is a water sports park (RIVERSPORT Adventure Park) located along the north bank and Wheeler Park (home of the Wheeler Ferris wheel) along the south bank.

Just some of the great places within walking distance of the hotel are the Myriad Botanical Gardens, the Oklahoma Memorial and Museum, the American Banjo Museum, the historic warehouse district (Bricktown and the Bricktown canal), the Oklahoma Museum of Art, Scissortail Park, and several neighborhoods with restaurants, charm and a unique history to discover!

OKC may be flat, but it is not boring! It is often referred to as “the biggest small town in America”. Folks are friendly and there is much to see and do. OKC strives to more than a pass-through city, and they have worked hard since the mid-1990’s is to make it a worthwhile destination. I hope you make time to explore the city and give it a chance to prove it is more than teepees, wagon trains, the Dust Bowl, country music, cows, and oil (although all of those things are part of Oklahoma’s past and present).

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Oklahoma will be quite warm in July, as it is the warmest month in Oklahoma. The average high temperature is 94F with an average low of 72F. Humidity this time of year averages 60%. The sun rises about 5:30am and sets about 8:00pm. So, we will all have lots of time to soak up the heat and moisture!  Think of it as a nice day at a spa, with most of your time spent in the sauna. However, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a cooler than usual summer this year, but July will still be the warmest month. Plus, the mosquitos will be hungry, so bring some bug repellent and/or walk around with a tastier buddy.


Amy Hopkins - 2020 Host

Community College of Denver

Denver CO